Legal disputes cost time and nerves. For this reason, many affected parties prefer to waive their rights rather than claim them.

With Legalhero, we want to improve the way legal issues are resolved.

The best legal service
of the world

Our goal is to provide a digital and modern legal service. Our partner lawyers at Legalhero have set themselves the task of enforcing your law quickly and easily. Our team of experts is legally specialized, digitally savvy and is data-driven. You get your rights easily and comfortably.

Law enforcement made easy

At Legalhero, we are adapting the way legal problem solving works to the digital age. We make bold decisions and work towards structural change. Our partner lawyers solve legal problems quickly, easily and regardless of location. That is why legal protection customers rely on us to receive the best possible assistance.

Our story

We see ourselves as a young technology company that brings the analog and digital worlds into harmony to enable rights at the push of a button. Our ideal is a world in which legal problem solutions are not associated with endless bureaucracy, silent uncertainty and arduous processes.

The idea for Legalhero was born in Berlin in 2019. Since then, we have become the first point of contact for legal protection clients. Customer satisfaction is our absolute focus. Our partner lawyers solve legal problems pragmatically, competently, quickly and with a clear focus on the needs and wishes of those seeking advice. They are supported by cutting-edge technology such as artificial intelligence.