Smart case processing for insurance companies

We want to combine the best of man and machine in order to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.
With Legalhero, we are bringing the legal advice and insurance industry into the digital age.

Quickly resolved cases
thanks to digitization

We rethink old processes and integrate the latest technologies sensibly into existing processes. Our vision: Persons insured with legal protection should have their legal protection case resolved fairly on the same day.

Increase customer satisfaction

A high level of customer satisfaction is inevitable in cooperation with our partner lawyers. The increasing satisfaction rate extends the customer lifecycle and increases the management rate sustainably.

Improve the combined ratio

Our partner lawyers put clients at the absolute center of attention. In addition, you work with the help of the latest technology and therefore much more effectively and efficiently. We promise a significantly improved combined ratio.

Relieve staff

Relieve your claims teams by seamlessly integrating Legalhero into your IVR. This creates more capacity for the really persistent cases that need to be worked on with concentration.

Use business intelligence

Track case resolution rates and customer satisfaction through monthly reports. Take effective measures and make data-driven management decisions.

Acquire new customers

Our digital orientation binds people seeking advice in the long term. Our customer journey easily guides those affected through complex legal protection cases themselves. With our digital service, you can reach digitally savvy customers.

Achieve sustainability goals

Seekers of advice save travel and waiting time for a consultation appointment. Insurance companies seamlessly integrate our offering into their systems or websites. This contributes to your sustainability strategy.

law enforcement

Smart law enforcement creates trust on both sides: In fact, uncomplicated case processing benefits not only those affected, but all parties involved. Insurance companies appreciate efficient and effective processes and more time for the essentials. A classic win-win situation.

Digital case processing

Complete case data, short processing times and efficient work processes — we live and love digitization. With this, we have already been able to convince many insurance companies of us. Together, we are reducing the processing of legal protection cases from several weeks to a few days.

customer satisfaction

Seekers of advice trust us because they find out within a few hours whether they have a legal claim in their individual case and how high this is. Increase your customer satisfaction to up to 78 NPS, use smart tools effectively and exploit the potential of artificial intelligence together with us.

Improved control rate

Rigid business hours are a thing of the past. We understand the needs of the digital age. Integrate our online legal assistance on your website to offer people seeking advice the opportunity to submit their case digitally 24/7. This improves your control rate from day one.

Our success in figures

In 2019, we founded Legalhero in Berlin. A lot has happened since then. We look back on numerous successful projects with insurance companies, which we look back on fondly. We have learned from every collaboration and developed our concept further. We are now ready to convince the entire insurance industry of us and our idea.

160,000+ customers helped

The 10 largest insurance companies entrust their customers to us.

250+ partner lawyers

They have successfully resolved more than 160,000+ legal protection cases.

Reduce court cases

More than 85% of our partner lawyers solve the problems out of court.